Coping with night shifts working in the medical industry
By Marama Montgomery

Coping with night shifts

Coping with night shifts One of the most common questions people ask when starting any one of a number of medical jobs in Australia that require it is: what are some ways to cope with working night shifts? General tips Switching to night shift work is jarring and discomforting for most people. Our bodies rebel

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Medical Jobs
By Marama Montgomery

How to get a medical job in Australia

Working in the medical profession can be a highly rewarding career choice. It can also provide opportunities for moving abroad to countries like Australia. If you’re an international medical graduate and you’re looking to move to Australia, various healthcare and medical roles are on the list of eligible skilled shortage occupations being looked for by

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Medical Jobs - Credentialled Diabetes Educator
By Ingrid Hagne

The Role of a Credentialed Diabetes Educator

Diabetes Education jobs Are you one of the many health professionals that have recognised that there is a growing number of people with poorly managed Diabetes and are you considering furthering your study and knowledge to assist these clients and patients by becoming a Credentialed Diabetes Educator? Perhaps you might be thinking about expanding your

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Medical Jobs - World Health Day
By Oliver Bowers

5 Tips for Self Care

April 7th is World Health Day, which is a day to create global awareness for Universal Health Coverage, so we want to show our appreciation to World Health Organisation (WHO) for everything they do globally towards making health services universal. No one should have to choose between good health and other life necessities. Here are

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